The first letter of your first name and match it to the chart below and that is your personality color.  Read below the chart to find out what it means for you.  🙂

letters for personality color1. Red: The most dominant personality. A visionary
and risk-taker, energetic, passionate,
tenacious, flamboyant, and courageous.

2. Orange: Balanced both mentally and physically,
happy loyal, takes each day as it comes.

3. Yellow: Cheerful, charming,magnetic,intelligent,
confident and creative somewhat psychic
and enigmatic.

4. Green: The perfect balance between the physical
and mental. Grounded, logical, not easily
influenced, rarely judgemental.

5. Blue: Optimistic, empathy, flexible, idealistic,
tranquil, patient, devoted.

6: Indigo: A brilliant old soul who is intuitive, sensitive,
impulsive, curious and ambitious with a
great lust for life.

7. Violet: Also an old soul, Intense, cerebral, wise,
loving, generous, sentimental and artistic.

8. Rose: main qualities are strength, love and
leadership. Turns visions into realities.

9. Gold: Radiates love, joy, compassion and

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