Very easy, inexpensive Cat Scratching post


cat scratching post

This was so easy to make and the cost was under $5.00.  My daughter and I made this together…  We priced the average cat scratching post in the local pet stores and couldn’t believe how expensive they were, starting price was around $30 and went up to like $500.  So I said we can make our own and wow, it was so easy to do and the end result was amazing 

Items needed:

Bailing Twine

Smooth Log – remove all bark – we used a wire brush to smooth the surface of the log

Glue gun to firmly secure the twine on to the log – only gluing the start – where the knots are and the final twine to be sure it doesn’t unravel.

We sprayed the twine with catnip spray to entice our Kitty Chloe’s interest in the log, but I doubt this is really necessary as their nature is to scratch these types of surfaces.

We chose to personalize the log with paint, but you can decorate or leave plain.  Your choice.

This project took approximately 2 hours to complete and the smiles on my daughters face was just priceless!!  Turned out to be a great fun thing for us to do on a boring Sunday afternoon.

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