These kitties have become famous and pretty much internet sensations because of their interesting and unique markings.  They are so precious and cute, especially the kitty with the “cat” on it’s back.  Be sure to check them all out.


Is that a double chin or is this kitty’s mouth really open?



This Kitty looks like he has a “monkey” on his back…  Literally!

cat with monkey on its back


It will be okay Kitty you are famous, you have eyebrows 🙂

eye brows cat

Chin up sweet kitty, you will always look “surprised”!!


chin mark

Is that a Cat I see on your back ? 🙂

cat with a cat on its back

Why yes, I do believe my goatee does look quite handsome!!

gotee cat

This sweet kitty “Hearts” you

heart kitten

Can we say this kitty has the chin everyone “LOVES” to scratch?


heart chin


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The most Hilarious and BEST Kitten Compilation as of April 2014, so cute and funny.  Nothing better than watching these cute little kittens being their selves for our entertainment.  I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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