Cresent Roll Quick Snack ideas

Looking for a quick and easy snack to feed the kids when they get home from school…  How about trying some of these Cresent Roll Quick Snack ideas


1. Add a little tomato sauce or pizza sauce inside the crescent roll before baking and you have a self contained pizza pocket.

cresent pepperoni rolls


2.  Ham and Cheddar with a little mustard, sometimes with chicken and provolone with a punchy garlic sauce.

ham and cheese

3. apple slices with sugar and cinnamon make great little apple pies, too ! yummy!

apple pies

4.  Hotdogs and cheese rolled up in a Cresent Roll or better know as ‘Pigs in the Blanket’

pigs in the blanket

5. For the chocolate lover – how about some easy to make chocolate Cresent Rolls

cocolate croissants


Please share your creative Cresent Roll ideas in the comments.



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