FYI: 5 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook

These simple feel good things can seriously hurt you or your family, A MUST READ AND PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD AND KEEP YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY SAFE!


1. You or Your Family’s Full Birth Dates

We all love getting “happy birthdays” from our friends on our Facebook wall. It makes us feel all warm inside knowing that people remembered and cared enough to write us a short note on our special day. The problem is when you list your birthday you are providing identity thieves with one of the 3 or 4 pieces of personal information that is needed to steal your identity. It’s best to not list the date at all, but if you must, at least leave out the year. Your real friends should know this info anyway.

2. Your Relationship Status

Whether you are in a relationship or not, it may be best not to make it public knowledge. Stalkers would love to know that you just became newly single. If you change your status to “single” it gives them the green light they were looking for to resume stalking now that you’re back on the market. It also lets them know that you might be home alone since your significant other is no longer around. Your best bet is to just leave this blank on your profile.

3. Your Current Location

There are a lot of people who love the location tagging feature on Facebook that allows them to let people know where they are 24/7. The problem is that you have just told everyone that you’re on vacation (and not at your house). If you add how long your trip is then thieves know exactly how much time they have to rob you. My advice is not to provide your location at all. You can always upload your vacation pictures when you get home or text your friends to let them know how jealous they should be that you’re sipping an umbrella drink while they toil away at work.

4. The Fact That You Are Home Alone

It is extremely important that parents make sure their children never put the fact that they are home alone in their status. Again, you wouldn’t walk into a room of strangers and tell them you are going to be all alone at your house so don’t do it on Facebook either.

We may think that only our friends have access to our status, but we really have no idea who is reading it. Your friend may have had their account hacked or someone could be reading over their shoulder at the library. The best rule of thumb is not to put anything in your profile or status that you wouldn’t want a stranger to know. You may have the most stringent privacy settings possible, but if your friend’s account gets compromised than those settings go out the window.

5. Pictures of Your Kids Tagged With Their Names

We love our kids. We would do anything to keep them safe, but most people post hundreds of tagged pictures and videos of their kids to Facebook without even giving it a second thought. We even go so far as to replace our profile pictures with that of our children.

Probably 9 out of 10 parents posted their child’s full name, and exact date and time of birth while they were still in the hospital after delivery. We post pictures of our kids and tag them and their friends, siblings, and other relatives. This kind of information could be used by predators to lure your child. They could use your child’s name and the names of their relatives and friends to build trust and convince them that they are not really a stranger because they know detailed information that allows them to build a rapport with your child.

If you must post pictures of your children then you should at least remove personally identifying information such as their full names and birth dates. Untag them in pictures. Your real friends know their names anyway.

I would be a hypocrite if I said that I have completely removed all tagged pictures of my kids on facebook. It is a daunting task given the amount of pictures that we take as proud parents, but I have started on it and I’ll do a little bit each day until it’s finished.

Lastly, think twice before you tag pictures of the children of friends and relatives. They might not want you tagging their kids for the reasons mentioned above. You can send them a link to the pictures and they can tag themselves in place of their children if they want to.

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 Aged 80, the Octogenarian triplets are believed to be among the oldest in the country

doctors feared these triplets would not survive, and they are now celebrating their 80th birthdays together. Amazing!!!


Octogenarian triplets who doctors feared would not survive celebrating their 80th birthdays together. Amazing.

When triplets Audrey O’Donnell and Alan and Eric Lucas were born in 1933 they were so tiny their chances of survival looked slim.

Without the the benefit of today’s technology, doctors had predicted their mother Doris may have been carrying twins using an ear trumpet.

Audrey was born first weighing 5lb, followed by Alan 20 minutes later weighing 3lb and surprise addition Eric came 20 minutes after that at just 2lb.

octogenarian triplets

They were wrapped in cotton wool and cooking foil to keep them warm.

But against all the odds, the trio have just celebrated their 80th birthdays, surrounded by many of their 35 grandchildren.

They are believed to be among the oldest surviving triplets in the country.

In 2011, Ronald, Eric and David Thurman celebrated their 80th birthday in Oxfordshire.

They were known as the ‘Tabloid Triplets’ because their picture was published in a national newspaper when they were born in 1931.

Eric, Alan and Audrey’s birthday celebration was a rare get-together for the siblings because Eric has moved to Wales.

But there was a time when the three were inseparable as they grew up together.

Grandmother-of-21, Audrey O’Donnell, who lives with husband Bernard in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

Describing what she was told of their birth, she said: ‘They used one of those ear trumpets and said that perhaps there was a second heart beat but they weren’t sure.

‘So it was a real shock when three of us arrived, there was a dash to get more nappies. They wrapped us all in cotton wool and cooking foil to keep us warm.’

The triplets were such a rare sight, their father Edward was inundated with requests from baby food companies to use the triplets in advertising, but he turned them down.


But for the boys, being identical did have some advantages.

Alan, who lives in Heaton Mersey, said: ‘We were in the same cricket team and I could bat and bowl while Eric couldn’t bat. So I used to pretend to be him and go in twice to bat – nobody noticed.

‘I suppose officially that would be cheating but it worked well. We won the match.’

Audrey later worked in insurance while Alan became a director for Ford and Eric worked as an insurance broker.

Eric, who lives in Anglesey with his wife Anne, said: ‘I woke up one night with chest pains and the next day I found out Alan had had a heart attack. I did have one later and I’ve had four all together. We’ve all had our ups and downs but we’ve come through them.’

The trio admit they have always been competitive.

Eric said: ‘We’re all good friends today, but we don’t see much of each other. I have to say Alan’s a bit rotund compared to me but we all get on well together. We’re a good family.’






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