Cresent Roll Quick Snack ideas

Looking for a quick and easy snack to feed the kids when they get home from school…  How about trying some of these Cresent Roll Quick Snack ideas


1. Add a little tomato sauce or pizza sauce inside the crescent roll before baking and you have a self contained pizza pocket.

cresent pepperoni rolls


2.  Ham and Cheddar with a little mustard, sometimes with chicken and provolone with a punchy garlic sauce.

ham and cheese

3. apple slices with sugar and cinnamon make great little apple pies, too ! yummy!

apple pies

4.  Hotdogs and cheese rolled up in a Cresent Roll or better know as ‘Pigs in the Blanket’

pigs in the blanket

5. For the chocolate lover – how about some easy to make chocolate Cresent Rolls

cocolate croissants


Please share your creative Cresent Roll ideas in the comments.



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Brownie cupcakes with peanut butter Oreo centers! This looks soooo good, and it is super easy to make! Seriously!!! Share this recipe on your page, so you don’t forget it!


Brownie cupcakes with oreo centers

Here’s the recipe:

Peanut Butter
Box of Brownie Mix

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
-Take two oreos and stack them with peanut butter (A layer in the middle and on top).
-Place the stack in a cupcake liner.
-Place liners in a muffin tin.
-Make brownie mix according to box
-Pour brownie mix over cookie stack
-Bake for 20 minutes or until cooked
-Pull out of the oven and let cool

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